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trailing african daisy osteospermum ecklonis. To 25 feet tall, 24 feet wide. Long stems bear 3 inches flowers centered in dark blue, with rays that are white above, lavender-blue beneath. Blooms in spring. osteospermum fruticosum. To 612 inches tall, spreading rapidly by trailing, rooting stems; will cover a 2- to 4 feet-wide circle in a year. Proven Winners - Bright Lights™ White - African Daisy - Osteospermum hybrid white plant details, information and resources. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Menu. Search this site: Plants. 2020 New Annuals. Bright Lights ™ Purple African Daisy Osteospermum hybrid. African Daisy. The African Daisy Dimorphotheca aurantiaca, also known as the African Cape Marigold, are one of the colorful flowers for a beautiful garden. The African daisy flowering plant is excellent for naturalized areas and as ground cover for large areas, for parking strips, borders, large pots and tubs. Description of African daisy: The native species has pearly white flowers centered with steel-blue and encircled with a narrow, yellow band. The flowers are held well above the plant, which forms a compact mound. The leaves are handsome grayish-green that combines well with other colors in the garden.

Plant database entry for African Daisy Osteospermum 'Margarita White' with 5 images and 21 data details. African Daisy Osteospermum 'Margarita White' -New and Unread Tree-Mails. : 25 PURPLE AFRICAN CAPE DAISY Dimorphotheca Flower SeedsComb S/H: Flowering Plants: Garden & Outdoor Skip to main content. 20 White and Purple African Daisy Flower Seed Mix/Osterspermum/ Perennial $4.96. 40 White African Daisy Flower Seeds/Perennial 2.3 out of 5 stars 17. $2.20. African daisies are a favorite of gardeners as they will grow where many other plants won't, such as dry, rocky soils along roadsides and driveways. They are available in a wide range of colors, from pale yellow to peach to purple. African daisies bloom for most of the summer and straight into fall. Do You Prune Osteospermum Before or After It Blooms? Written by Ruth de Jauregui; Updated September 03, 2019 The sunny, daisy-like faces of Osteospermum, also known as the African daisy. Colors include white, purple, red, orange, and yellow and their full shape is a definite eye-catcher in any flower bed. Echinacea purpurea. Also called the African Daisy or the Gerber Daisy, it is a popular flower with full yellow-gold petals and a yellow-gold center. It is sturdy and looks beautiful in a vase or as a border in your garden bed.

May 16, 2016 · Most people think of daisies as the classic white flower bearing a yellow center and adorned with long delicate petals. However, there are many types of daisies that exist today ranging from the exotic “Crazy” Shasta daisy to the colorful Gerber Daisy. Taller hybrids include the purple-flowered “African Queen” and “Burgundy.” “Whirlygig” has blue and white flowers, and “Seaside” is white and light pink. It produces large, showy, daisy-like flowers in white, deep purple, and lavender, depending upon the variety. The flowers open during the daylight and close at night and on overcast days. Use it on retaining walls and banks or in borders, raised beds, or containers. Use it in masses for early spring color. The trailing African daisy should. Akila White with Purple Eye African Daisy.We have seen Osteospermum African Daisies sold in greenhouses, which are usually propagated by cuttings, so when we saw seeds available, we just had to trial them. Pure white daisy flowers have two-toned purple centers that radiate slightly out on the petals.

Osteospermum ecklonis 'Akila White Purple Eye' is a vigorous plant producing daisy-like flowers all season, even in the heat of summer! This African Daisy is great for adding color to containers or gardens. Growing Tips. May not produce a ton of flowers, but much better heat-tolerance than many Osteospermums. Similar Color Plants.

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